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McAuliffe PTA Mission Statement

Our PTA is a not-for-profit association of parents and educators who work to enhance the educational opportunities of all McAuliffe students.

As volunteers, we are united in supporting the McAuliffe staff and the students in ways to make our school a safe and successful place for our children.

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2300 Briarhill Boulevard Highland Village, Texas 75077
Phone: (469) 713-5959 Fax: (972) 350-9166
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Congratulations to all of the Reflections Participants! All Reflection entries have been displayed in the cafeteria for viewing.
2013 McAuliffe Elementary Reflections Entries 
Yen Brown – The Valley of Dreams (Council Level)
Macy Martelli – Bethany: Hope for Paws (Council Level)
Brayden Scott – My Dream (Council Level)
Danya Risam - Chandi – Be Healthy and My Backyard
Zoey McMahan – Lightheart
Samantha Evans – My Sister
Danielle Aitken – Grammy Inspirations
Jade Marost – Leading Into Each Other
Kayla Thompson – Beauty Takes Awhile To Perfect
Gabrielle Gilberti – Dreams (Council Level)
AnnElise Sprayman – Dreaming of Inspiring (Council Level)
Abby Kubin – Play Ball (State Level) 


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