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McAuliffe PTA Mission Statement

Our PTA is a not-for-profit association of parents and educators who work to enhance the educational opportunities of all McAuliffe students.

As volunteers, we are united in supporting the McAuliffe staff and the students in ways to make our school a safe and successful place for our children.

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2300 Briarhill Boulevard Highland Village, Texas 75077
Phone: (469) 713-5959 Fax: (972) 350-9166
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Event Details

3rd & 4th grades-Reading STARR



On STAAR testing days, students who bring cell phones will be asked to give their phone to the teacher. Your child’s teacher will make sure the phone is turned off and will store it in a safe place while students are testing.  At the end of the day, teachers will return phones to the students. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation in this matter.  Should you have questions, please don’t hesitate to call us at 469-713-5959.




Date(s): April 25



Volunteer Info:  


Coordinator(s): Whitney Parlin (parlinwb at lisd dot net) 469-713-5959

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